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                      Professional and Personal Development Seminar
                      THE ISSUE:

                      Having a thorough, effective Career Plan is imperative for client success.

                      The reality is that you just do not have the time, staffing, and resources necessary to help each client develop an out-standing Career Plan.

                      This is frustrating and overwhelming for Program Coordinators who are working very hard yet often find themselves overextended.

                      WHAT WE OFFER...

                      PIC Consulting has developed an innovative, 2 day Seminar for participants.

                      The Seminar will give clients all of the tools, resources, and information necessary for success. As a result, each client will have an individualized, solid, step by step, realistic, and effective Career Plan that will lead them to self-sufficiency.

                      Participants will know exactly what they need to do to reach self-sufficiency. They will discover the essential elements of an effective Career Plan and the 5 questions that everyone
                      must answer in order to achieve success.

                      THE SEMINAR:

                      PIC Consulting’s Professional and Personal Development Seminar is the definitive model created from 25 combined years of experience designing and implementing self-sufficiency programming and being at the vanguard of self-sufficiency efforts in Southern California.

                      The 2 day Seminar covers the following topics:

                      The Career Planning Process
                      Values and Interests
                      Skills and Abilities
                      Career Options, Career Ladders/Lattices
                      Demand Occupations and Labor Market Trends
                      Goal Setting
                      Credit and Debt Management
                      Homeownership and Asset Building
                      Self-Sufficiency Wage/Budget
                      Soft Skills for Successful Employment
                      Removal of Barriers
                      Accessing Resources
                      Networking/Community Building
                      Motivational Components/Personal Triumphs


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