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                      Family Self-Sufficiency Program Services

                      THE IMPERATIVES

                      There are two things that you absolutely must have in order to attain an outstanding program:

                      1. High Quality Staff: It is imperative that you choose the best staff and the correct training to maximize success. You need the right staff with the right training, and the right attitude.

                      2. Solid Program Design:
                      The quality of your program design directly impacts the success of your clients. You must have clear policies and procedures, clear performance standards, and clear outcome measurements.

                      COMMON OBSTACLES

                      There are some common obstacles that prevent you from achieving program success. Some of them are:

                      Face It: You’re No Superhero. You cannot serve everyone and their every need. Do not try to save the world… Instead, respect the boundaries of your program, focus on delivering excellent services to your clients and you will produce outstanding results.

                      Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You. Your agency has written and unwritten rules. Learn the rules and play by them. You must work within the political, social and economic parameters of your agency.

                      WHAT WE OFFER

                      Think that FSS is already designed for you? Think again. HUD provides the framework for FSS but you must design the details, policies, and procedures in order to have an effective program that works for you, your agency, and your clients.

                      PIC Consulting offers the design of policies and procedures for key components such as:

                      Outreach Strategies
                      Interim Withdrawals
                      Graduation Requirements
                      Exit Procedures
                      Reporting to HUD

                      We can also rebuild your Action Plan to comply with HUD’s requirements and to ensure great program implementation.

                      We will work with your staff so that they better understand the unique advantages and strengths of the FSS Program as well as its limitations.


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